Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emma's First Experience in the Kitchen

Well, I'm starting her out early. Emma has been a part of her first baking experience. My sister and I were talking the other day about how having a little girl makes you incredibly sentimental and drives that urge to continue family traditions. After thinking about that, I realized that the majority of traditions start from the heart of the house: the kitchen, or at least that's the way it is in my family. I'm sure it's always been that way, but to me it starts with my Grammy. Everything I can remember about her was nurturing...stern, but nurturing. And it usually came from the heart through her kitchen. Well, anyways, I want to continue to nurture my children from my heart in the same way. I also want to give my children the life lesson of how to nurture themselves and their loved ones throughout their life. I want to spoil my family with treats and memories of spending time together in our kitchen and I definitely want to pass down the traditional recipes that Colin and me were raised on along with some that we pick up along the way.
Well, here are some pictures of our start. Introducing Emma's chocolate raspberry torte! Ta da!
"Only the freshest ingredients" says Emma

We had so much fun making this torte

This was really the extent of Emma's help....but it was energizing for me just knowing she was there.

The final product!

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