Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Just a Cup of Joe

Brew me up a good start to the day.  

Changing your coffee brand is almost like changing your whole identity.   It's funny how people hold on to their coffee choice so tightly and protect there beloved brand. The people that I know that do this swear by their brands. I was actually quite surprised at myself when I switched over.  But I have to admit, the coffee that I drink now won the coffee wars that went on at the beginning of my husband and my relationship (Community got the boot for Tim Horton's... rightfully so). At the beginning of our relationship I thought for sure that my husband was going to change is Canadian ways of coffee drinking because I thought "there could be nothing better than my New Orleans Community Coffee. Boy was I ever wrong. He told me that I would be the one to change and I laughed, almost balked at him. Then I tried good old Timmy's and I was sold! MMMM MMMM Good! Now we have it shipped or brought to us by family (Tim's doesn't ship to the states yet, but I still have my fingers crossed.  This past Christmas, Colin's parents not only shipped us our coffee, but they also got us sleeves of the to-go coffee cups and lids so that we could feel like we had just stopped by Tim's on the way to work.

I love my coffee because it reminds me that we have family that loves us in another country

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