Saturday, December 25, 2010

A BFF Christmas

This year's BFF Christmas did not disappoint.
When we walked in we were greeted by our friends.  First I looked at Jill and said hello.  Then I saw Kaelyn and she was looking at me very suspiciously.  I felt a bit uncomfortable I have to admit.  Then I looked at Michael to say hi.  I was looking squarely at "Cousin Eddie" from Christmas Vacation.
Cousin Eddie

He had the outfit down pat!  I busted out laughing!
 Then it all registered!  That's why Kaelyn was looking at me all funny.  I laughed again so hard.
We had lots of laughs as people were arriving and seeing Cousin Eddie for the first time.
We had so much fun sharing food and good company with our best friends.
The kids were all dressed in their Christmas PJ's to put us all in that Christmas-morning-mood for our gift exchange.  They had a blast playing together with all of their new gifts.


Sadie and Drew


Drew, Sadie, and Emma


Drew and Sadie conversing about the upcoming gift exchange (or at least that's what I see when I look at this picture... who knows what they were talking about...haha)


Drew opening up his favorite gift


"Daddy, I can't wait to open it!"


And Daddy had his little helper too


The kids opening more presents.


A cute little Emma playing with Sadie's Elmo


Just a cute picture of Emma playing with Sadie's kitchen.  Emma is so happy and so cute wearing her new little tie dyed shirt


Emma's front row seating at the drive-in
***Thank you so much, Mary for taking all of the pictures!

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