Monday, December 13, 2010

Setting Up Camp On Main Street

After the lighting of the castle we walked around for a bit and Maggie and Karen rode The Magic Carpet ride. Drew wasn't quite ready for it and I wasn't about to push it after a full day at Disney.
After walking around we decided to get our spot for The Electrical Parade.
The Electrical Parade holds a special place in my heart because I remember it so vividly from when I was a child.  For some reason the little snail is my most vivid memory from our family trip when I was young.
We found a good comfy spot on the ground and settled in for the show.
We watched the fireworks and the parade from this spot.  It was so great except that poor Drew fell asleep in my lap before it even began.  I put him in the stroller and let him sleep.  We'll have to make another trip soon so that he can see it.
Dopey driving the mining carts full of gems

I couldn't stay still I was so excited to see my little snail!!! haha

Puff the magic Dragon

When you wish upon a star...

The fireworks were so beautiful

The grand finale was amazing!

The video surely does it no justice and I was holding Emma on one hip and recording from the other, so it's not great, but I wanted to remember.  My favorite were the star and heart shaped fireworks and Tinkerbell flying over from the top of the castle.  What a show!!!!!

Main Street after the fireworks show

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