Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let It Snow

When we woke up this morning the house was nice a bright and seemed to be glowing.  We looked outside and the trees and ground were covered in snow.  It was so beautiful.
So we ate a quick bowl of oatmeal (or eatmeal as Emma calls it) and piled on the winter gear.  I couldn't help but chuckle thinking of little Randy from A Christmas Story, "I can't put my arms down!" Ha!
We headed out and had some fun in the snow.  We built our snow man with Daddy and were pleased with the final results.... except Drew.  He was quite disappointed when the snowman didn't come alive when we were finished.  But he understood that we didn't have THE magic hat and that's why our snowman wasn't coming to life.

Emma had fun playing in the snow, except when she face-planted.  Oops!
But she was right back at it once we got her dusted off.

The new (and temporary) member of our family.  Drew wanted to call him Oatie, short for Oatmeal

Now it's time to come in, get dry, start a fire, and play with all of our new toys.

 And then cuddle time with Daddy on the couch.

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