Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a very nice day.  We hung around the house together until it was time to go to Mama Janet's house for dinner.
We had such a great time at Mama Janets.  The kids were shy at first, but it took no time at all for them to get very comfortable there, especially after Mama Janet started offering cookies. (:

We watched White Christmas in the background, opened gifts, and spent special time with Mary, Brandon, Daniel, Jennifer, Mama Honey, Papa Horton, Mama Janet, and Mr. Wayne. It was a wonderful night.

Drew did a great job putting together his new puzzle

And Emma loved her new tea set


Of course, Drew's new car set was a big hit!
When the evening was over we prepared for Santa's visit.
We put the carrots on the front lawn for the reindeer and sprinkled our reindeer food to make sure Comet, Dasher, Rudolf and all of the rest of the gang were happy while they were here.
Then we came in and prepared Santa's cookies and milk.  This year Santa got our Molasses Spice cookies that Drew and I made.
After we set the cookies out, we got ready for bed.  As Drew and I were saying our prayers, we heard Santa fly over!  His bells jingled and we quickly got to bed so that he would come.



Getting Santa's Cookies

Christmas Eve

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