Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rockets And Downtown Disney

Our last full day in Orlando was quite the grand finally.
We started the morning by walking around the neighborhood and going to a great spot by the big lake near the shops that Karen had recommended.
We sought this spot out so that we could watch a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.
That's right... Drew got to watch his first NASA rocket launch. It was so awesome!
He loved it!

After the rocket launch, we packed our stuff up and headed over to Disney one last time. I thought we would just spend the day walking around Downtown Disney. There was so much to see there that I wanted to go back.
First we went to T-Rex for some lunch.
Drew was a bit nervous and downright timid during the "thunder storms" but he loved the restaurant.
We did a little shopping in the gift shop afterwards and then headed out for some more sight seeing.

This is Drew happily enjoying the cool dinosaur scenery. I was truly amazed by how much he knew. He knew the names of dinosaurs that I truly had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!!! I have a dinosaur app on my phone that he loves to play with. Now I know he's paying attention!
...and this was him during "the storm."  Poor little guy.  Don't worry, I invited him to come sit with me (right after I took this picture that is)


We did some shopping in the toy stores and even stopped at a trendy boutique for me.

We also stopped in at a candy shop and stopped to eat our goodies while watching the carousel and listening to the music.



We walked around and looked at the You Can Fly hot air balloon and all of the other attractions that there were to see.
It was a great day and a great way to end a fabulous trip.

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