Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Day At The Magic Kingdom

Our second full day in Orlando we headed over to The Magic Kingdom.  We had a few things on our agenda that were a must... we wanted to ride The Tea Cups, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, and see the Electrical Parade and the lighting of Cinderella's Castle.
Karen knew exactly how to go about all of this.  It was so awesome to have "a local" showing us around.  Every things ran so smoothly.  She knew what bathrooms to use, what restaurants we would have a shot at finding a seat in, and what rides we needed Fast Passes for.
It ran so smoothly (oops, I already said that.  But it could have been tough considering how crowded it was).
The ride in on the monorail was so exciting.  There's nothing to describe the feeling of when Cinderella's Castle comes into view.
We hopped off the monorail and got to it, so excited to go see the kingdom after getting a view of it on the way in.
First Karen got our Fast Passes for Peter Pan.  Then we walked around a bit while I admired the castle from all angles and while Sean Kingston performed for the Christmas Day Parade Special.   Aparently they were taping the Christmas Day Parade that comes on TV the day that we were there.
Anyways, I was more focused on the castle.  I love that castle.  There's just something so magical about it, especially when you are seeing it with your children.

After that we went to Mickey's Philharmagic. We all got our 3D glasses and got ready for the show.  Emma snuggled into my shoulder refusing to wear the glasses after one second of the show.  It was the best 3D I've ever seen in my life and I think that worked against us.  It was a bit intense for her.
Drew didn't take his eyes off of the screen.  He was fixed on it.  He wasn't quite comfortable with it enough to loosen up and enjoy it, but I could tell he surely took it all in.
Then we were off to ride the Tea Cups.  While we were in line, Drew saw the little race cars.  Well, you know Drew's focus went immediately to them.  That's all he wanted after he saw them.  Well Larry, being the sweet uncle that he is, went to check out the line and ended up taking the boys to the race cars.  So the girls rode the teacups and the boys rode the race cars.

Emma LOVED The Tea Cups.  This was one of those moments that mama's dream of, me sitting with my little girl in a pink tea cup!  Precious!!!  I'll never forget it.

Then it was time for lunch.  We actually got two tables next to each other so the kids could sit together and we could sit together.  But when things were all said and done, there was a boy's table with Larry, Dillon, and Drew and a girl's table with Karen, Maggie, Emma and me.

 After our lunch and rides on the race cars and tea cups, we were off to "the big event"....

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