Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Walk In Baldwin Park

We took Monday "off" while we were down in Orlando and hung around my sister's for the day.  I decided after the Cinderella dinner, we needed some rest.  The kids had been pushed pretty hard, and while they were having a blast, it was wearing them out.
So we rested.  We hung out and watched some tv, did laundry... you know, all the fun stuff.  Ha!
We did get out for a couple of walks around the neighborhood though.  Karen lives in a beautiful area, Baldwin Park, where little lakes and wildlife is aplenty.
We took it all in and made a few friends along the way.


Drew was very interested in these birds.


But Emma was just interested in shu-ing them away.


It was a beautiful walk around Karen's neighborhood


Drew's new friend... the cat, Speedy (or at least that's what Drew named him)


They were little buddies from that point on


So cute

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