Friday, December 10, 2010

Orlando Or Bust

Where to begin!?! We had such a wonderful time on our almost-dream-trip. What could be better than a trip to visit family, and hey, while you're there you get to go to "the happiest place on Earth!"  The only bad part of the trip was that Colin was not able join us. We missed him so much, but he was happy for us and we brought back lots of gifts, pictures, and memories.
We went to visit my sister and her family in Orlando and we had such a great time.
We arrived on Thursday and started our time there having fun hanging out with family. The cousins had so much fun together. The girls played dress up and the boys played with the computer and legos while my sister and I got to catch up. It was perfect!!!
Maggie fixed Emma's hair and dressed her up like a princess.  She also did herself up like a princess.
The girls looked like true princesses.

I love this picture of Maggie taking care of Emma

Maggie and Drew were planning a vacation around the world with the globe.

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