Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dreaming Of Prince Charming and Gingerbread Cookies

While down in Orlando, we went to The Grand Floridian and saw a true gingerbread house.
Really!  I mean, there was a whole candy shop inside.  It was adorable!

After taking lots of pictures and purchasing our fair share of chocolate and gingerbread, Aunt Karen arranged for us to have dinner with Cinderella and her prince
I would love to say that we were prepared for our evening with royalty, and that Drew and Emma are perfect as far as dinner table etiquette goes, and that Emma acted like a little princess herself.  But we weren't, they aren't, and she didn't.... at all.
But we still had a wonderful time nonetheless.
We met Cinderella's step mother first.  She wanted to make sure that the kids were eating their vegetables and minding their manners.

Then we met her step sisters.  Maggie even got a chance to sing with Drusilla.  It was so cute.

Then Cinderella and her prince were announced.  We got to watch them dance the waltz and then they came around and greeted their guests.

This one was a big hit on Facebook.  The common comment was that he's just like his daddy.  Haha!
It was an enchanted evening, but it was too bad that the clock struck midnight for Emma before the evening ever even began.  But hey, it's Disney.  We weren't the only ones with tired toddlers.  Tired is a sign of a fulfilling day, right?

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