Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas In Village Park

Santa Clause, Christmas carols, Christmas trains, and the big big Christmas Tree!
Christmas in Village Park was so charming this year.
First we visited the Christmas Train Village inside.  Drew loved the model trains.
The only thing that could tear him away from it was the fact that we were going to take a train ride.
It was so cold, but we enjoyed the train ride nonetheless.
The tunnel of lights was the biggest hit of the night.

Everyone oohed and awed over it and then were melted by how excited Drew was about it.
Everywhere we go, Drew and Emma are always such a big hit, and this time was no exception.  People were so warmed by how happy he was.
The lights were so neat and the train was adorable.


Then we walked over to the bear show and let the cuddly creatures sing carols for us while it snowed by the Christmas Tree.


Then Santa came over.  Emma was not comfortable enough to see him by herself, but this was Drew's year to really get to know Santa.
He couldn't wait to meet him.  As soon as it was his turn, he hopped right up on his lap and started talking to him.  He was so excited to tell Santa that he wanted "Cranky at the Docks" for his Thomas set.  Then he took some pictures with Santa and gave him a big hug and hopped off his lap.

Mission accomplished.  Santa knows exactly what Drew wants this year and Drew has confirmed that he is, in fact, on The Nice list

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