Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Night Out With The Gang

Tonight we went out for a fun, kid-friendly dinner with our friends (something we are going to do once a month from now on).  We had a great time.  Not everyone was able to make it (Chad had a hot date apparently, and Jill was helping out at her church's consignment sale), so maybe next time.  I can't believe our group* is growing so quickly with children  So here are a few of the moments from our night.  I didn't get a picture of everybody like I should have... you know, those cheesy pictures that we all take of our over-smiling friends gathered around the dinner table.  They're never very attractive, but I love them for some reason.... maybe it stems from my love of food.

(*see It Takes A Village).

"Why is "Aunt Mandy" holding me while my daddy feeding me lemons!?! Wait a minute.... I LOVE lemons!!!!"

Mary and Brandon smilin' it up for the camera.... Jay and Mandy obviously don't care about my photography...haha

Uncle Dan-O with Emma and Drew. Nice tuxedo shirt. I was bummed he didn't wear his checkered Vans like last time.

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msdancy said...

So sad I missed out! Next time I'll be there for sure! Thanks for coming out tonight!