Monday, March 16, 2009

Our First Day Back

Today was Ms. Emma Jane's first day at Mrs. Tonia's.  Drew, the ever-protecting big-brother, was there by her side.  They both did great.  It was a bit of a rough morning for Drew when I left, but as usual, it took him all of 20 seconds to get over that I'm sure.  He's a pretty flexible little guy.  Emma, of course did great.  She just looked up at me with those adorable little eyes, blinked a few times from behind her blanket, and showed me that she was going to be a big girl by being brave and not crying (or not realizing what was going on... I know, I know).  I however was not as brave.  I boo hooed all the way to work.  But then I found solace in my girlfriends once I got there, who were great by the way.
It was a pretty pleasant day, all in all.  I didn't mind work, and the nightly routine went well.  It wasn't until I realized that it was already Drew's bedtime that I got sad again.  I forgot how quickly the night flies by.  It seemed like I had no time with them at all.  I felt as if I may have had an hour with them today.  I really don't like that feeling, especially after having them all day every day for 10 weeks (12 weeks with Drew because of Christmas vacation).   
I know that they are doing well.  I am very happy with where they are during the day and I know it's good for them, but I am very sad that I am missing so much time. I miss all of the activities that we did together during the day.
They are such blessings, and I know that for whatever time I get with them, I should be very thankful. 

This is a picture of the kids today. Drew is such a good big brother. He puts his hand out on the other boys' chests when they get close to Emma, as if to say, "Just know.... I'm here, watching.... waiting for you to make a mistake." haha

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