Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Very Wicked White

Colin and I were in Target the other day. Colin still has a hard time believing that you can buy alcohol in a Super Center, so we were perusing that isle. We came across this wine. It was like.... 2 bucks or something (not really, but not too far off).  Anyways, we brought home our fun label and popped it open.  Plugh!!!! It was so gross!  Not that we actually thought it was going to be good, but my my, this far exceeded how bad  we thought it would be.  To defend the wine, I have to say I detest sweet wines, and this was the sweetest, so if you like sweet, maybe it would be tolerable.  Colin and I threw the rest out.... something I can say I've never done with wine before.  But I still stand by the idea that packaging is everything.  

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