Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being Tagged On Facebook

If you would have told me that I was tagged in a photo a year ago, I would have no idea what you are talking about. Now, if you tell me that I've been tagged in a photo, I jump on Facebook to see what it is. Facebook has truly changed our vocabulary. You can be tagged, you can unfriend someone, you have a status, you can write on someone's wall, and you can give someone flair, and there are so many other things.
It is so neat how Facebook has changed us. It used to be that if someone that you didn't see very often, or in some cases, even if you do see them often, had a picture of you, you may never know it. If you did know it, you would see it and that would be it. Now, if someone has a picture of you, they tag you in it and you get a copy. I think that's so awesome. Here are some pictures that I would have no idea even existed if it weren't for Facebook.

This is a picture that one of our friends got. Colin obviously had a cold drink ready for me.... how sweet. I have no idea if this was a race or just a ride.

What a cutie patutie

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