Monday, May 25, 2009

Drew's First 4 Syllable Word

Of course..... it's motorcycle..... he says it clear as a bell.
It finally came home.  Colin recruited our friend Daniel to ride up to Yancyville with him to go pick up his new bike.  They drove up, took care of all of the necessary paperwork, and Colin drove it home while Daniel drove the Cherokee home.  Daniel will now always be such a big part of that bike since it is his signature on the "witness" line.... haha
Since it's homecoming, it has been thoroughly cleaned with McGuires (thanks to our neighbor/McGuires rep., Dwayne), and stared at a lot.  Poor Colin, this whole weekend has been so rainy that he has not had a chance to even ride it yet.  It went straight into the garage and that's where it's been ever since.Soon he'll be able to take advantage of some beautiful Carolina weather and enjoy the heck out of that bike.
Drew wants to be just like Daddy.... riding his motorcycle

Daniel and Colin take a quick moment to pose for me to commemorate this special moment with a cheesy photo.
Drew celebrates the special night with a wheelie.  Woohoo!

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d ho said...

great day, i make a good witness