Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Too Shabby Of A Training Spot

My training has gotten off to a very good start. I guess I still have some muscle memory (and cardio memory) from my mountain bike racing days.
I have the most beautiful and peaceful place to run too. I'm so excited that I can just walk out my door and run down to the park, run at the park, and run home. I'm a pretty lucky girl to have such great amenities so close by.
Thought I'd share a few pictures so that all of y'all could see the other part of my training.

The pond is a refreshing backdrop

And the bridge is a comfortable respite
I love running by this little waterfall.

The flowers are so pretty

I especially love the magnolias.... it doesn't get much more "southern" than that.

The trails are great! They are really a great place to "recharge" yourself.  This one gets a little "rutty" after a good rain like we've had these past couple of weeks
Drew and Colin are scoping this one out.


Sarah said...

I might could get motivated with scenery like that (okay probably not really!) How is your injury?

Mary Beth said...

hahaha.... it is actually quite motivating. I'm doing fine. I only have to sit out for a couple of days. I couldn't believe it when I was actually bummed that I couldn't run today rather than relieved. I'm beginning to really enjoy my running time. I saw a t-shirt that I need to buy.... "Mommy Marathon
26.2 miles of peace and quiet"

cathi said...

Mary Beth,

Is this the park at the corner of Trinity Church & Orphanage?


Mary Beth said...

Yes Cathi, That's the one. Isn't that great!