Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing In Puddles And Other Rainy Day Fun

I love to laugh, and it's a good thing I do because the amount of laughter in my life is amazing. Between Colin and Drew, I seem to be laughing all of time, and when they are together, it's double the fun (and funniness)
Our rainy-day-fun was no exception. As you can see, the boys had me cracking up at their antics in the rain.
(Note to Mary.... to add to my laughter, we had to put him in this shirt.... remember this one.... he finally fits into it. Isn't it too funny!)

Talk about singin' in the rain..... Drew is singing at the top of his lungs.
Looks like they are doing a hoe-down
Silly boys acting crazy in the rain.

But of course he was on the hunt for the biggest puddles he could find to splash in.

What boy doesn't love to get absolutely drenched in rainy-day puddles? The mark of having fun in puddles

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