Saturday, May 9, 2009

Singing In The Rain

This afternoon we were suppose to go to a festival and watch hot air balloons launch. We were ready, walking out the door with camera in tow, kids dressed adorably, and bags packed full of back-up everything. Well, if you know anything about the south, it is that the weather can change in a heartbeat. What was a beautiful spring day, turned into an ominous afternoon. A storm was approaching, and quite quickly too. You could see the front rolling in. Judy, remember the look of the storm front in Charleston... well, this rivaled that one.
After things died down a bit and the rain was nothing more than a soothing afterthought, we let Drew go out and explore in it. He laughed so hard when it him in the head and squinched his eyes when it hit his face. After a few minutes, he started twirling around in it and then dancing. Of course I could only think of Gene Kelly. I don't know, what do you think??? Maybe we have a showman on our hands.

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