Monday, May 25, 2009

Going Greek With Good Friends

I mentioned earlier that we had picked up Greek food at our favorite restaurant, Gateway To Athens the other night and took it over to our friend's David and Lauren's house. Their little boy Ryan has grown so much since we last saw him (which was the day he came home). It's so amazing how quickly they grow!
We had a great time sitting and talking. Drew was very well behaved... I was proud to be his mama. He was only fussed at once. He wanted to keep opening the front closet over and over again.
As usual, the girls went one way and the boys went the other (with the exception of Baby Ryan who stayed with his mama). Drew ended up outside with no shoes.... a good ol' southern boy, and played with Gibee (their boxer) a bit while Colin and Dave talked over beers I believe.
Lauren and I opted to stay in to have some girl talk over homemade cookies.... yummy!
We had a great time and I look forward to our next visit.

Baby swap.... I enjoyed holding Ryan and Emma got pretty squirmy for Lauren...haha. So much for that pretty little dress. Emma didn't feel like being very lady like I suppose.

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