Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Corny Behavior

There's nothing like sitting with your feet in the sand.... and putting your feet in corn doesn't compare either, but it was a lot of fun anyways. We jumped in the corn pit at Patterson's Farm and played played played. Sadie jumped right in and had a blast, she loved it. It took Drew a little bit of testing before he felt comfortable. He's so particular.... but that doesn't last too long. After watching Daddy play, he took right to it. We buried him up to his chest and he thought that was hilarious.

Sadie jumped right in and waited for Drew to join her
Drew enjoyed tossing the corn into the air (just like a little boy)... The whole family joined in on the fun.  Burying Drew was too funny.  He liked to wiggle around in it all.

Drew loves to play with his daddy.  I think they are so cute together, they have such an amazing relationship.... the pictures don't even do it justice

We were all covered in corn after we were done. That evening, corn was still coming out of our pants (my cuffs were full of it) and it was in Drew's diaper when we changed it.


Sarah said...

Do you like your Baby Bjorn? I have some other make and model and it was always such an ordeal to get the contraption on?? I'm thinking I'll be needing to be a little more "hands free" to keep up with Landon.

Mary Beth said...

Sarah, the Baby Bjorn was a hand-me-down from my sister. I like it, but I have a different "scarf/sling" type one that I like better. If I'm going to be taking it on and off a lot throughout the day though, I like the Baby Bjorn, it's more consistent. I have to adjust the scarfy-sling oh-so-perfectly to be sure she is secure, but it is more comfy.... and much more attractive.