Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Little Critters Petting Other Little Critters

This past weekend we went with the Siscoe's to Patterson's Farm to pick strawberries.  The first thing that we did (after gooping everyone up with sunscreen) was go to see the animals.  Drew got to hang out with Billy the goat, hens, peacocks, a horse, llama, and emu.  He is still walking around our house even now saying "hi goat."  Then he looks at us and says, "no goat."  It's quite cute I must say.
Sadie and Drew were all smiles while they fed the animals, and Melinda and I were all nerves as those tiny fingers were so close to all of those mouths.  But all is well, no loss of fingers on this trip.
Drew really enjoyed visiting Billy the goat

Michael and Sadie enjoyed Billy too.  Look at her adorable expression.... she is such a happy little girl.
Aren't they adorable together?
I love this picture.  Nothing like a daddy and his little girl.  Too bad Emma is too young to do this with Colin..... soon enough.

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