Friday, October 30, 2009

.... And On This Ranch He Had A Zebra, Eee I Eee I Ohh

Melinda and I decided over the summer that there were so many things around here that we needed to venture out to instead of our normal routine of things. One of our first ventures was to Lazy Five Ranch. We knew we wanted to do the pumpkin patch thing, and Patterson's is a great place to go, but, if you remember, we had just been there in the spring for strawberries. My kids had already been there with Mrs. Tonia also, so we wanted to go to a different place.
So Lazy Five it was.
We had a great time. We went on the wagon tour (neither of us were willing to take our cars on the "safari"). Sadie and Drew really enjoyed feeding the animals. Emma and I sat on the inner row. I don't think she's ready for all of that business, although the little daredevil that she is would probably disagree.
After our ride, we walked around for a bit and visited some more of the animals around. Drew particularly liked the kangaroos and jumping all around like them. I particularly liked the fact that jumping around endlessly like kangaroos was burning off some of Drew's relentless energy (if I could only bottle it).
Then it was off for a little swing in the park
and on to the pumpkins. Emma was adorable in her little pumpkin sweater sitting with all of the pumpkins, some even bigger than her.
A good day in good company. What else could I ask for?

Some scenes from Lazy Five Ranch. We didn't get to get very close to the zebras. Apparently they have a bad tempermant. The poor potbellied pigs could hardly walk because their potbellies were dragging the ground. Drew and Sadie enjoyed feeding the little goats too. And the gourds and pumpkins were aplenty.
Drew and Sadie get ready to feed the animals.
Sadie is not afraid of no stinkin' bull!
This big guy visited with all of the kids and Michael.
Emma wanted to feed the animals too.

Colin was so excited that he got to feed the giraffe..... chosen for his height.
Notice the big guy in the middle..... sleeping!
It was such a beautiful fall day. I'm glad we made it out there when the leaves were so pretty. The drive out was gorgeous!
A sweet moment between a daddy and a Sadie
Colin and his long lost brother (can you see the resemblance?) I had to post this to show y'all the silliness that I deal with constantly.
Emma and I sat to swing with Melinda for a bit. (ok.... really I forced Melinda to take a picture with us...hehehe)
Drew loves to swing. "I wanna go fast" is what he always says.

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