Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Like Riding A Bike....

It's been a long time since Colin or I have been on the bike (9 months before Drew was born to be exact). So Colin was more than ready to get back to it. After a renewed semi-obsession with his bike and a new road bike (along with some new Mellow Johnny's gear), he focused on training. Then it was back to racing.
Colin has started out a trial run at the short track series here.
Every Saturday, Colin proceeds in his race-day routine while I get the kids packed up with the wagon. We go out and cheer Daddy on! So much so that he has actually called his team "Go Fast Daddy" (Drew's favorite thing to yell at him as he flies by).
Daddy had these grip clamps stamped for his team "Go Fast Daddy"

It's a beautiful time of year to be in the woods as a biker or as a spectator. So we have all enjoyed the crisp, fresh autumn air that this has brought us out into.
What a magical place for a little boy to play.
What a funny little look. Her interest is piqued. I can tell from that cocked eyebrow.
The kids watch racers warming up from their wagon.

Colin racing through the woods.

The kids love going and seeing all of the people, playing in the woods, and standing near the fire (at a safe distance of course) for the night races.
The kids cozily tucked away in their wagon all piled up with blankets at a safe distance from the fire.
Ready, set, go! The start of a night race.
That's Daddy up front
Daddy is "spent" after his race.
Congratulations Daddy, on your podium finish at your night race.

Daddy has racked up some more medals too.
I love that Daddy takes Drew up with him to receive his medal.
Thumbs up for winners.
Drew is so proud of his daddy!

It's been a fun experience so far and we look forward to his up-coming races.

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