Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our "Golden" Moment

Next, we got back on a bus and went straight over to the Golden Gate Bridge (well, not exactly "straight," we did have to take one transfer). We got off the bus at Golden Gate Park and grabbed a couple of drinks to hydrate at the gift shop. We called home to check on our families and enjoyed the view, taking tons of pictures.
Golden Gate park was beautiful in itself... even without the bridge as its backgound.

Then we decided to cross the bridge. It was on Karen't "bucket list" and I thought there would be an amazingly beautiful view of the bay from the bridge, so I was definitely up for it.
The walkway was very safe and there was plenty of room for the amount of people on the bridge that day. I can imagine that it would be pretty crowded on the weekends though.
The view of San Francisco from the bridge
Up close and personal.
A little fact and yet more proof that my parents were such a big part of this trip. The Golden Gate Bridge was opened for traffic on May 28, 1937. May 28 is my dad's birthday!
There are approximately 600,000 rivets in each tower!

The view of Alcatraz from the bridge
The cables are HUGE which of course makes me feel better as I cross
It was a beautiful fog that loomed around the north side of the bridge.

Whew, what a breathtaking walk.... and now we're here! At the other side......

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