Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Time Is Almost Here!

It's hard to believe that the Nike Women's Marathon is in just a little over a week!!!! I am soooo excited! Thank you to all of you that made it possible for me to go.
My training has been so much more than just running and getting physically prepared. There have been so many life-long lessons that I have learned as a part of this many-miled journey.
Life Lesson #1: People are good. You give people a reason to do something good, and they will go above and beyond. I had so much support in this, it brought me to tears more than once. Sometimes I would get a bit teary-eyed while running while thinking about the money that people donated that they couldn't easily afford, about the time that people have spent rallying behind this cause, the blood,sweat, and tears that people have put in to help find a cure, and most of all, the love that people have shown each other.
Life Lesson # 2: We all get through life together. Everyone has a story and it's so important to hear them and be heard. I am amazed at how strong some people in this world are. Some people that I have known for years have stories that I could not even fathom going through, yet they always keep a smile on their face and they are thankful for what they have.
Life Lesson #3: I need to live my life more like a run. When I am running, I can clearly see my path. Nothing gets in my way of getting to my destination. Even if things aren't as I planned. A little rain (or a torrential downpour) doesn't keep me from running 8 miles, so nothing should keep me from reaching my goals in life. Also, not once while running have I ever looked back. There is no reason to. It gets me no where and it only impedes my moving forward. I can learn from my mistakes without looking back at them. Isn't that so true in life too.

I am so grateful for this experience and all the gifts I have received from it (and I haven't even gotten to the race yet)!

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