Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

As most of you know, last Wednesday I had to leave my family for a very important event, the Nike Women's Marathon for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I want to share the entire experience so in order to be completely authentic, I have to start off with the hardest part..... leaving.
I have never been away from my children other than leaving Drew for my stay in the hospital to have Emma. This was very foreign to me and I did not handle it very well at all. I worked half of a day on Wednesday and picked the kids up from Mrs. Tonia's to be able to get a few "loose ends" tied up before the trip. I wanted to make sure that there were not dishes in the dish washer, all the laundry was put away, etc. so that Colin could have the easiest time as possible with the children.
Alas, none of those things got done. The dishwasher was clean, but full. The dryer was in the same condition.... full. I just couldn't peel myself away from the kids knowing that I was about to be away from them for 5 whole days!
So we played and cuddled and everything else non-housework.
Then came the time to go to the airport. Everyone loaded up into the car and off we went. The kids had no idea what was about to happen and I tried to keep my cool as to not worry them.
Then, the next thing I knew, we were there and it was time for me to kiss them all goodbye and be on my way.
I figured the band-aide-method was the best.... quick and painless (yeah right)
I was strong and walked away. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
As I got on the plane, I decided that this was not for me.... I was not going to be a traveler without my family. I missed my children so badly I ached from the bottom of my heart.

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