Saturday, October 17, 2009

San Fran

I'm here and we have had a wonderful trip so far. This has been the most perfect trip ever. I'll give details later, but just a quick list: we took a run through China Town, ran through the financial district and down to Pier 1, then jogged around some scenic areas. After returning to our rooms, we got cleaned up and were off again to take the bus to Lombard Street, took a transfer over to Golden Gate park, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, took a bus down to Sausalito, took a ferry back to San Francisco, went to eat a casual dinner at Fisherman's Wharf (we went for fish 'n chips, but ended up with Teriyaki chicken and pineapple sandwiches.... Yummy), and then off to tour Alcatraz at night. And that was just day one.
Then, yesterday we did some laundry (we're such moms), went to the expotique, got our race packages and took a trip to the oxygen bar, then off to Niketown where we bought some marathon race gear, had our picture taken, had a mix of music from the DJ emailed to us, shopped some more and left. Then back to our time-share fir check-out. One cab ride later we were at the Hilton with Karen's team. We hung out for a bit and put our race-day gear together, then went out and did some shopping in Union Square (which included a purchase at Tiffany's, a four-story William-Sanoma, and Macy's), and back again to the hotel. We hung out for a bit. After about a 20 minute rest, we went out for a cable-car ride to Fisherman's Warf (thanks to Karen's sniping skills we got the front two seats on the outward facing benches, no less), and went to walk Pier 39. We ended up on Pier 41 though because it looked peaceful with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the sea lions on the other side (not to mention we were up wind of them there which made their viewing tolerable). Then we went over to Pier 39 for some souvinier shopping and a nice dinner. We ate stuffed salmon and crab with the most beautiful view of the bay while sea lions swam within our view to check in on us (we were inside on the second floor by the window though, so it wasn't too up-close and personal (aka stinky). Then off to Ghirardelli for a wonderful treat. After the feeling of approaching Willy Wonka (Ghirardelli is a bit intimidating in the same way), we did some shopping and had the best Sundea's I've ever had. Then back on the cable car (the fun, hilly one: Powell-Hyde) where we sat next to the nicest man and talked about marathons, Wicked (talking to a little girl across from us who went to go see it while she was here), education, and LLS. After hitting this subject, I found that his father is battling Lymphoma right now. I got his name and will be running with his name on a ribbon in his honor. These are the times when I realize how many people are effected by blood cancers. Just a random guy that I sat next to on the cable car.
Then back to room for some rest.
This morning we woke up and went for a twenty minute run downtown and then to Starbucks.
That takes us to now.
I'll keep you updated, but now I must go get ready for today.

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