Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Epic Trip To Haight Ashbury

We hopped on the bus after our lunch at Caffe Delucchi and ended taking a transfer over to the Haight Ashbury area to see "Post Card Row"
It was beautiful.
Now I must admit, I wasn't completely comfortable with this part of our trip. I felt like we really should have been saving our energy for the next day and we really didn't know our way around this area. But we did it anyways because we wanted to see it.
We went to the little dog park that is in front of Post Card Row

There is a man playing a guitar under this tree. How San Fran!.

Do these "painted ladies" remind you of anything? "What ever happend to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V. Everywhere you look....."
This is the background to the opening credits to Full House.
It was absolutely beautiful!
Then we walked over to the Haight Ashbury area. It was a very charming area. When passing by one area I saw a dog sitting on a couch looking out of an open window. You'll probably have to click on the picture to see him looking out of the window of the white house.

I wondered if he knew how good he had it.... what kind of real estate he was living in. It's just crazy to me that he is just living in his doggy dog world not realizing what he should be appreciating every day.
It seemed like we had gotten so far from our part of town. I guess it was because there was no true destination, it was not a part of the down town area at all, and the fact that we had come from the North Beach area (totally opposite end of San Francisco) that I felt like this was becoming an epic trip on a day that we were suppose to be resting.

This is the closest thing I can come up with as far as a destination. This was the point where we decided to get onto a bus to go back home. This picture captures the essence of the Haight Ashbury area. The peace sign (it's cut into the hedges, I know you can't really tell it from this angle) and the man sitting next to it. The upper Haight Ashbury area is synonymous with the 1960's hippie movement.
But anyways, we did some walking and saw some neat things, but we decided to jump on a bus and head back. It was a very quick bus ride back.
We met yet some more Team In Training people that were in town for the race. They gave us some good advice and cheered us on. This was their 6th marathon. Talk about being hooked!
We made it back to the hotel with plenty of time to get ready for the pasta party.

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