Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting To The Good Stuff: San Francisco

So now it's time to get to writing about the fun stuff. After waiting for it to get light outside after our early morning rise our first morning in San Francisco, Karen and I went for our first run together of the trip. We walked out of the door of the time share and there was Union Square. We walked down to Niketown to check it out. When the Nike Expotique came into view I finally realized just how big this whole thing was.
The signage for the marathon took over Union Square
The icon of the Nike Women's Marathon reminds me so much of Karen and me
This is the wall that runs along the Stockton side of Niketown. All of our names were on the wall. The great thing about getting to San Francisco as early as we did was that we were able to go find our names on the wall with no one else around. Later in the weekend, there were so many people looking for their names, you couldn't get anywhere close to your name.

This is a poignant picture of Karen in front of the wall wearing the shirt that represents so much to us in the place to which it has brought us.

There it is..... my name. I felt like I was 10 feet tall when I saw it.

Looking down Stockton from our building down toward Niketown
We finally decided to actually get a run in. We ran down to China Town first.

Then down through the financial district. Here is a shot of the TransAmerican Building
Then down to Pier 1. The view of the Bay Bridge was beautiful

Then we ran up the hill...

... and stumbled across this beautiful area

We climbed the stairs, turned around, and this was our view.

Then it was a quick run back to our building passing cable cars on the way....

...... to kick our feet up and relax (for all of about 15 minutes before getting ready to hit the town for the day).

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