Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jelly Belly and Beyonce'

So we made it down to the lobby the next morning all tattooed up and in plenty of time to hang out a little bit before the race.

After doing a little bit of socializing (which I didn't realize that I could do that early in the morning... amazing what adrenaline can do for you),

we began our walk with the Louisiana team to the race. We were only about 2 blocks away so it was a short nip over.
We turned the corner and were totally awe-struck by the sea of people that were waiting to start, just absolutely pumped for this event.
You looked to the right and there were people as far as the eye could see.
You looked to the left and the crowd turned the corner and went on for who knows how long.

Team Louisiana was ready to go with their message.
Karen and I found our "corral" and got comfortable. It was pretty chilly so we started with our "Fight Like A Tiger" t-shirts on (of course, but what else!?!)

We knew there was a "coat check" at mile two, so we were going to take advantage of it.
I remember hearing a "professional" of some sort in the medical field on the microphone telling us that since it was a chilly morning it was "super important to get those muscles warm" (said in a very cheery, cutsie, female voice... you know the type). So we all started stretching and hopping around. It looked hilarious, but none of us cared. We were having way too much fun.
Karen and I popped our stash of Sport Beans (Jelly Belly knows how to do it!) I remember, I dropped one and was so upset. I frantically searching through the hundreds of feet in my immediate area to make sure I found it. I figured I would be ticked if I stepped on a Sport Bean at the beginning of my race and had to deal with that sticky mess at the beginning of my race, not to mention I didn't want to be responsible for someone rolling an ankle on such an important day, that would be my luck.
Then someone was singing "The Star Spangled Banner." I've never gotten goose bumps quite like I did at that moment. It almost brought me to tears. Of course, it almost brings me to tears when I hear it at a local sporting event, so I guess that's not saying much considering what a "mush" I am when it comes to that.
After that we heard a "good morning!" and then I hear...."All the single ladies, All the single ladies, All the single ladies, All the single ladies, now put your hands up..." Of course, the goof that I am, all I can picture at this point is that frantic dancing and a metal robot-glove, then Glee comes to mind. That makes me happy!
I smile a mile wide. I feel alive all of the sudden listening to the music. This is when my feet leave the ground (and don't think they touched back down until about mile 11 3/4... then they came SLAMMING DOWN!)
I tell you, that Beyonce' knows what she's doin'. She and Jelly Belly.... mmm mmm mmmm. What a great combination for the start of my race.
Then we hear the start of the race. Crazy thing is, I don't know if it was a gun shot, an air horn, or what. I can't remember. Which is crazy, because I could point out every detail of every person that was around us at any time during the race, but the start, I don't remember. My mind works in a crazy way, but most of you knew that already. =]

And then...
And then....
And then....


We stand there, now listening to Lady Gaga (which kind of messed me up, because I had already mentally assigned this song to the soundtrack of the Niketown part of my trip. Am I the only person who does this... creates "mental soundtracks" for certain times of your life and assigns songs to represent that time? I know.... crazy.) Then a few more songs play. As the playlist marches on over the loudspeakers, I pay less attention because I'm wondering when we can get this show on the road.
Finally, they lift our gates and we're off.....

.... at a blistering shuffle!

We walked (barely) up to the start line.
Now I know I'm making it sound like I was frustrated... as if I was going to "do some damage" to my "competition" in this race. But that in fact couldn't be further from the truth. I was smiling this whole time. There was not a negative vibe in the air. I could have stood there for hours, happily taking in the moment.
But we did finally make it to the start line (I think 22 minutes into the race, the winner was at about mile 4 when I crossed the start line).
Things opened up, and we started our run. It was fabulous. There are no words, so I won't even try. You'll just have to run one to know.

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Sarah said...

"Run one" I will never do, so I'll have to take your word for it! It sounds like it was a moving moment and day. Could you share some of your "mental soundtracks" for moments like sitting around playing with the kids or cooking dinner? I'm no good at that... and you're not crazy!