Friday, October 23, 2009

Cable Cars And Rice A Roni Commercials

Of course we had to ride the cable cars while we were in San Francisco. Karen and I walked down to the Powell Street station to catch it on that side of the run. Of course, with the way our charmed trip was going, we ended up 2nd in line for the car that we wanted. Karen had a plan that would land us front row. We just had to focus and "book it" over there. we outsmarted a man that thought he had the seat... I know, sounds terrible, but how often do you get to ride a cable car in San Francisco? I have to say, I think the guy had a bit of respect for these two "southern belles" that took what he thought would be his seat. We are much more shrewd than we appear sometimes ;)
The ride and the views were fantastic. And I didn't realize that the drivers had such a hard job. They practically have to lay down with that bar to get those cars to stop on a hill! It's amazing to watch. They are entertainers all at the same time as well.

It was so entertaining to watch these guys do there work
A look out of the front window of the cable car
A little pose. Lookin' like a tourist. But that's ok, because we were!
Turning the cable cars around to get it ready for it's next run

Doesn't it all remind you of a Rice A Roni Commercial

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