Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loosening Up And Carb Loading

Saturday morning Karen and I went for a run in the downtown area.

It was a Saturday, so it was a very different feeling from our run our first day there. The streets and sidewalks were busy. With our iPod earbuds in place, we cranked up our playlists and weaved through people left and right. I felt like I was in a Nike commercial. It was a great run.... very entertaining.
Then we went for a latte at Starbucks and back to our room to get ready for the day. We had decided that we should really take it easy that day (since we had been all over creation the past couple of days). We also knew that we needed to get in a good pasta lunch. We had been told to make this lunch our "big meal" before the race.
So we talked about where we should go for this big meal. We knew we wanted to try somewhere in the North Beach area because the hotel's concierge had pointed us in that directions for a good Italian meal.
We decided to try the Urban Spoon App on the iPhone. It just seemed to fit the whole vibe of our trip to fly by the seat of our pants like this.
We locked our settings and shook the phone. I have to admit, we shook twice because we didn't like the first place it gave us.
So we ended up going to Caffe' Delucchi. It was just a bus ride away.

When we got there, there was a table out on the patio available, so we were able to eat our pasta al fresco on this beautiful fall day. Picture perfect!

Our waiter was a very nice guy who asked us where we were from (What! Are you trying to tell me that we do not sound like San Franciscans!?!) When I told him that I was from North Carolina he said that is where the owner/head chef was from too. Again, the perfect little details that made me feel like this trip was custom tailored for us.
I ordered the farfalle all'agnello and Karen ordered Spaghetti.
We sat and talked, beginning to get a little bit nervous about the next day. The vacation aspect our trip was wearing off and the reality of the work ahead was beginning to set in.
But then we forgot our worries for a short while after we were served.

(I'm starting to realize how bizarre it is that I was photographing so many of our meals... it's just that I knew I wanted to preserve all of our memories that we were making)
We both enjoyed what was quite possibly the best pasta meal I have or will ever have in my life. We gobbled it up and our waiter laughed and said he was so glad that we'd be running that off the next day.
So now, with the appropriate amount of carbs fueling our bodies, we felt much better about the day to come.

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