Monday, February 16, 2009

Discovery Place

Today the family went to Discovery Place. We had a blast! Drew absolutely loved it.
First, Drew got to play in the toddler room. That was really neat because there were just tons of things to do and he could just go from one to the other whenever he was ready and in any order he wanted. His favorite was the trains and cars of course. He also really liked the legos. (I foresee Mama hurting her foot on a rogue lego in the future).
Have you ever wanted to play "Plinko" on the Price is Right?

"I'll get you my pretty!" Drew is standing in the middle of a tornado
Oh no!  Daddy and Drew are in charge of the weather now!?!

"I ain't sceered" Drew says to the shark (behind a lot of glass)

"Hey, you come back here....I said I wasn't scared!"

Drewby really enjoyed touring the museum on Daddy's shoulders.... I think Daddy did too.

Drewbers at the tide pool

Daddy and Drew looking at the rainforest

Playing with simple machines

Wow, what strong arms you have. My two men are lifting a 4 wheeler! (with a little help from our good friend, lever... and another little boy too)

And triple pulleys let Drew lift 25 lbs

One exhibit there was about the circus, this is a girl "walking the tightrope"

Daddy and Drew looking into a fun-house mirror. Notice Daddy's big eyes!

Drew and Daddy love to build

Look what they ended up building!!!

Ok... so I lied, it was just this tower

Drew enjoyed throwing the ball into the figure 8

Daddy and Drew going to see the dinosaurs

Drew had no fear of the dinosaurs

So realistic (pay no attention to the cityscape in the background)

Whew! Time to sit and take a breather!

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