Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Name Is Mary Beth...

...and I have a problem.  They say the first obstacle is the denial.  Well, I've overcome that, but I doubt I'll make it any farther.
My problem is shopping for and accumulating baby girl "stuff."  I can't turn it away.  It's all so precious... and I think it's only going to get worse.  My friends and the stores are setting me up for this, I just know it.  Ok.. so I may be a little paranoid, but it seems to be set up just for me.... just the way I like it.  I mean look how cute this stuff is.  Even just the look of these stores gets me "inspired to buy!"

Then there is all of the fun materials for the homemade stuff like pillowcase dresses.... I mean how adorable (and easy) are those.
This is one that I bought locally.
What beautiful embroidery
This will be the colors of the next one

Then, add to that, all of the traditions that I hold dear to my heart and all of the things that I cherish (ie. Christening Gown, hand knitted clothing from Great Grandma Lollie, jewelry, etc).
This is the beautiful jewelry that Aunt Karen gave Emma.  They are garnet... her birthstone and my mother's favorite stone.  Emma was almost too early to get these. (1/2/09)  Lucky girl

And then my friends who have had girls.  I love all of the cute things they have  given us and I could never turn any of it down.  
To organize (and manage this in any form) I've had to separate everything by size (which is normal) and I've only been able to hang and put into drawers newborn and 0-3 month articles.  That's all that will fit!!!  She has 6 large drawers and 3 small drawers and they are full of just this size!  I can't believe it!

Everyone has been soooo kind and generous.  Plus, it's just fun to shop for a girl.  
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice..... this is what little girls are made of .... and shopping is apparently what they are made for! haha

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