Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Things I Love...

~ how you look at me when we wake up in the morning
~ how smart you are
~ how we laugh together
~ all of your hobbies
~ how you can make me laugh even when I am "madder than 10 bears"
~ our friendship
~ your excitement for life
~ your companionship
~ that smile that you have only for me
~ that you don't fit any one particular mold.... your up for anything and everything
~ your carefree attitude
~ how you wear flip flops in 10 degree weather
~ how you see the best in everyone
~ how you always know what I am thinking and sometimes even beat me to saying it
~ how you like to "get a rise out of me" and you know exactly how to do it
~ how you make our son laugh
~ that everyone who meets you loves you
~ how we are so in tune with each other
~ that you can make everyone in the room laugh
~ that you will always win a bet... even when it's betting on the underdog
~ that you love your family unconditionally
~ that you don't mind if people laugh at you
~ that you protect your family
~ the way it feels to be in your arms
~ the way you love me
~ how kind you are
~  how you love my silly quarks
~ how we both walked through fire to be together
~ that I get to spend the rest of my life with you

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