Monday, February 16, 2009

Uptown Girl

After visiting the Discovery Place, we took a stroll uptown. We had a meal and then just walked around for a bit. It was a very quiet day there and the weather was nice (a bit chilly, but not too bad) and so we took advantage of two very cooperative kids. I thought I would share uptown from our perspective.
It's funny how you see the city in a whole different way when you have a camera in your hands. I saw things that I NEVER would have paid attention to before. I mean, barrels....really?

I thought this was a bit humorous. This is a picture of the Bank of America building reflecting in the Wachovia Building. Hmmm.. what should the title of this picture be....

Another neat reflection shot. I don't know why I love doing these so much.

I just really liked this doorway.

I love window shopping

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