Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

Let me just start by saying that I have the sweetest Valentine ever!  This morning we woke up in our usual form: Emma was hungry, Drew was playing in his crib and ready to be "sprung" out, and Colin and me were sleepy eyed and slow moving.  Colin looked at me with his sweetest eyes and wished me a happy Valentine's Day.  I wished him one back.  We went down to the kitchen to get things started.  Then Colin made me the BEST Valentine's Day breakfast ever.  He made his crepes, coffee, and a great drink.. I'm not even really sure what it was except that it had freshly squeezed orange juice and rum in it.. hehe.  Every little detail was covered.  The plates were warmed in the warming drawer and garnished festively for Valentine's Day, the coffee was piping hot, and there was a miniature rose bush on the table as our centerpiece.  How sweet.  Then we enjoyed this amazing breakfast together as a family.  What a great start to Valentine's Day!

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