Friday, February 13, 2009


So with Valentine's Day being right here, I was thinking of all of the romantic scenes from movies. Of course Titanic is one of the first on-screen-kisses you have to think of. Well, that reminded me of a story that I almost forgot about. This story is just a typical example of our life and some of the things that seem to happen to us.
One day while up in Barrie, Colin and I decided to go to Canada's Wonderland. I love a good theme park! Well, it was hot, so as respite we decided to go see a show. The show was about movies themselves. Well, before the show even started, someone who worked there asked us if we would like to participate. Well, sure, why not? I figured they were probably asking several people to participate. So they pulled us off backstage and gave us some costumes. I was dressed as Rose, with the shawl and a wig and everything, and Colin was dressed like Jack. When they got to the part about using green screens, they used us as the example. They had us reenact the kiss at the bow of the boat. We had to get up on this boat bow that they built and recite lines and everything. You can imagine my surprise when I realized we were the ONLY people from the audience who they asked to participate.
It was so funny and a lot of fun. We had to kiss in front of about 350 people with the green screen behind us and the all-too-famous music playing in the background. Then we all got to watch the scene when they superimposed the background.
What a kiss!

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TJCrowell said...

That would have been so cool. Even though my husband would not think so.