Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Nana's Gift

My Nana (Drew and Emma's Great Grandmother) passed away this past Saturday.  She was an amazing person, the most amazing that I've ever known.  We all will miss her terribly, and while we feel like this world has suffered such a great loss, heaven is an even more amazing place now that she is there.
 I went to visit my Aunt Debbie yesterday and there was a gift there waiting for Emma Jane.  I saw the big pink bow and thought it was so sweet.  Then Debbie told me it was from Nana.  I looked at the tag and saw Nana's handwriting.  Tears immediately sprang to my eyes as I thought "Emma is getting quite possibly the last gift that Nana bought."  Debbie told me how excited Nana was about Emma Jane and how she couldn't wait to meet her.  I'm sure that she has now spent a bit of time with Emma Jane.  I will explain to Emma just how special it is that she got a gift from her Great Nana.

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