Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Redneck in '09

So our friend Jason's theme for this year is "More Redneck in '09" and it appears as though he's doing a pretty good job...haha.  Colin has decided to jump on this bandwagon as well.  Now, they have a full on competition going.
Apparently we started gearing up for this even in '08. Colin took me skeet shooting (at 17 weeks pregnant with Emma).  That was interesting.  I was actually pretty good.  It must be in my genes.... my dad was incredible at this sport.  It was one of his many hobbies that he and Colin had in common.  Although skeet shooting is anything but redneck (it's actually pretty hoity toity.... who knew), we consider it part of our contribution to "More Redneck in '09."  Then yesterday (that's right folks... Valentine's Day), Colin did the most redneck thing we could think of..... he took our son to a Monster Truck Show!  They had a blast.  He said that Drew loved it and would get all excited when the trucks came out.  They came home two happy fellas, so that's all I could ask for.  Here are some pictures that came home with them.  Emma and I sure are sorry we missed it *wink*

Please note: straw cowboy hat (LSU one but of course), camouflage shorts, Beretta, flip flops, and a fierce shot

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