Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Our Valentine's Day was absolutely wonderful.  It's a whole new ball game with two kids... and I love every bit of it.  I love the little heart boxes of chocolate with cartoons on them.  I love the cards from kids.  I love making homemade heart crafts for kids.  I love making Valentine goodies.  I love it all!  I can't even imagine how fun it will be when they are in school and we make cookies and valentines for their classes.
But this year it was just about us.  We had our romantic (definition of romantic with kids - when Mama gets starry eyed about how much she loves her life)  Valentine's Breakfast.  Then Colin and Drew went for an outing.... more on that later, and then we had our phenomenal Valentine Dinner.  Drew was so tired from his outing that he ate an early dinner and went to bed (well kind of... he woke up a couple of times, I think because he went to bed at an earlier time than his usual routine).  Then Colin and I started cooking up a storm.  I made chocolate covered strawberries while the boys were out, so that was chilling in the fridge and the plate was already chilling in the freezer (along with  martini glasses for cocktails).  Colin got started on his famous prosciutto and mozzarella appetizer.  Then out came the surf and turf.  We had lobster and filet mignon.  yummy.  
So there we were with a glass of wine, together, Van Morrison serenading us in the background (our song is Moon Dance), preparing the most wonderful meal.  We had a great time just with that part.  I love these moments when we work together, especially for something so fun.  Colin laughed at me though because I was so busy taking pictures too, as I always do.  
So then we got to enjoy our meal:
Proscuitto and Mozzarella
Lobster with a butter sauce simmering in a tiny chaffing dish
Filet Mignon (med rare)
Seasoned, steamed asparagus
French bread
Wine (we had a cheap but sentimental wine to us because that is the name of the doctor that delivered Drew
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
Valentine Cocktails
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
It was a feast fit for a king. It was wonderful (even if it was served on our kid-friendly table setting.... the place mats were bought for the kids).
Now the Valentine Cocktail was amazing in and of itself.  It was a vodka martini, but instead of dry vermouth, we used Chambord, and instead of olives, there were grapes... it was very good I must say, especially considering we just made it up at that very moment.
 Then, after dinner, we rolled ourselves away from the table and watched a movie together.  (Transformers.... I know, I know.... how romantic). 
What a happy Valentine's Day!

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