Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Being A Little Boy Is All About

The other day, Drew and I spent a lot of time out side.  Our weather here is absolutely crazy.  One day it snows, then, two days later the high is 67 degrees.  So we took advantage of one of the beautiful, warm winter days.  Because it had just snowed, the ground was all soggy.  Well, you know little boys... this does not stop them a bit.  I got a few snaps of him out playing in the backyard.
A little side note...  I love it that we are now at the age where we can go out and play.
Drew likes to push the limits of the washing machine

Even on his elbows

Drew enjoyed playing fetch with Lily

Drew was done... just like that; he was ready to come inside. Notice Lily's devastation when she realizes she's loosing her playmate... it broke my heart.

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