Thursday, February 5, 2009

Letter From the Editor

Ok... am I the only one who can't wait until my favorite magazine comes in the mail?  I think not.  We know how it goes... we're too busy to wait by the mailbox for it, but you do have it in the back of your mind when your favorite magazine should be coming or when it should be hitting the stands.  
Now, something that might be different about me is that the first thing that I do is flip straight to the letter from the editor and the short blurbs about contributing writers and photographers.  I absolutely love that.  I find it fascinating to read the thoughts of the people that write and polish these brilliant articles that I love so much.  I find the articles sooo much more interesting when I see the inside perspective of someone who was involved with it's process.  I also love to read about the things that happened while creating the articles or shooting the pictures.  
Well, just a little thing I wanted to share.  Next time you get your favorite magazine, take a minute to read what the people who created it have to say.  You'll be surprised how much more interesting it makes the magazine.

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